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Spanish Grammar Exercises - Comments

Spanish Grammar Exercises - a collection of interactive, instructional exercise on Spanish grammar, on such specific grammatical topics as adjectives & nouns, adverbs, command forms, comparisons, conditional tense, the future tense, interrogative words, negative/affirmative words, past participles, perfect tenses, por vs para, present participles (gerunds), present progressive tense, present tense, preterite tense, reflexive verbs, saber vs conocer, ser vs estar, sequence of tenses, subjunctive mood (past and present), tener-idiomatic expressions, verb conjugations and more

Alaina Wert   29-November-2004 - 09:46:15
Excellent resource and great practice!!!

Diane McHenry   27-March-2006 - 11:50:40
I enjoy all the excercises, I believe they help me learn Spanish faster than just reading.

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