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A Course of the Polish Language - Comments

A Course of the Polish Language - a sound-enhanced online Polish course, covering such topics as basic rules concerning the spelling and the pronunciation, resemblances between English and Polish, how to introduce yourself in Polish, Polish adjectives, the nasal Polish sounds, the Polish alphabet, conjugation of Polish verbs, Polish vocabulary and more

Mary   27-January-2003 - 18:13:42
I just recently began a class in polish at a local school. This site is an excellent supplement. It's easy to see that a lot of work has been put in to creating this site. It is much appeciated.

Chris   14-May-2004 - 04:14:50
I cannot agree with you.I'm Polish and I know that some of words used in excercises are not used in common spoken Polish. that's one thing.the other thing is that the constructor of this site gives you examples wich shouldn't appear in lesson one.They are difficult. But i also see the passion in construction of this site. If you want to talk with somebody using simple Polish or English/Polish send me an e-mail milczek@pf.pl

Raf   27-May-2004 - 07:14:22
I just saw some text in Polish, and its resemblance to English surprised me; so I decided to find a bit more about the language: This site showed me what I needed to know in the introduction and first lesson, in a very clear and simple way. It also does the right thing explaining first about phonetics, so you can learn the language the proper way. I think the site is great.

Carlos   21-October-2004 - 16:44:46
Excellent for those who want depth in learning

Patryk Januszewski   15-August-2005 - 15:56:56
Very thorough, very helpfull. I would suggest SOME knowledge of polish / ability to pronounce the alphabet to speed things up, but it's not necessary.

hany mostafa   07-June-2007 - 16:57:04
thanks for your good service

Richard   28-January-10 - 19:05:34
I have only looked at the first lecture so for, but thus far your course looks excelent: very slow, but extreemly careful, which is what I want!Thank you.

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