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BBC: How to Play the Recorder - Comments

BBC: How to Play the Recorder - a concise text-based guide on the essentials of how to play the recorder, covering choosing a recorder, the parts of the recorder, recorder care, tonguing, left-hand notes, suggested tunes, simple semitones, pinched notes, top notes, trills and alternative fingering, playing other recorders, the highest notes and more

sam   13-September-2003 - 06:57:45
what is the benifit of playing two defrent recorder?,what can i do for better (ear training)?. please tell me mor abut it.Thank u very much.

sam   27-September-2003 - 05:44:11
thank u for this good web,please tell me where can I get (recorder and ear training) ,thank u very much.

Marie Brennan   14-July-2004 - 16:09:00
Thank you for a wonderful Ebook about the Recorder. I am teaching recorder tonight for a class of girls from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I had recorders for them but no tutorial. You have solved that problem nicely!

Scott Newcomb   06-February-2005 - 02:55:58
Great site. Thanks from the USA

Papa Mitchell   08-August-2005 - 11:34:32
I bought a soprano recorder over a year ago, but the demands of my job didn't allow me enough time to come to grips with the basics of the instrument.

After a recent career change, I now have more time for myself and am determined to learn how to play the recorder. I am strongly encouraged in my goal, by this website, which provides clear and concise advice on how to get started.

Thanks a lot.

Lillybel   21-November-2006 - 17:13:59
Wonderful tips it's great thank you

michelle quinton   03-January-2007 - 03:55:49
It needs more diagrams, not everyone can follow that much writing without getting fed up. I personally learn better from a few diagrams.

bb   24-August-10 - 22:34:10
I just purchased a recorder and love this site. Thank you very much for helping me get started.

Bennin Nana   07-February-11 - 16:26:51
I think this tutorial solves the nagging problem of how to teach children who are yet to learn any form of music

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