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Latin For Mountain Men: A Short Course in Practical Latin - Comments

Latin For Mountain Men: A Short Course in Practical Latin - short, entertaining online Latin lessons designed for "mountain men" (AND mountain women), and just about anyone else, covering such topics as verbs and the first conjugation, nouns and the first declension, adjectives and the second declension, prepositions, adverbs, and conjunctions, review and pronunciation, third declension, this, that, and who, Latin questions, Latin word transformations, Latin numbers, comparisons, syntax, Professional latin and more

cliff shannon   26-February-2003 - 21:31:21
an excellent learning tool,especially for those who need a reliable refresher course!

Tish Dilworth   15-August-2004 - 09:54:58
Quite entertaining and useful.

Sterlin   02-February-2005 - 22:40:04
A truly entertaining and relaxed way of refreshing memory of the study of Latin over 40 years ago.

RWG   20-March-2005 - 18:03:20
If you are interested in Latin as a language of science only then this might be the course for you.

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