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Framing and Hanging Doors - Comments

Framing and Hanging Doors - illustrated tips and instructions on how to frame and hang doors, with specific advice on door framing, door hanging, moistening the door for hinges, installing a cylinder lock and more

GARY FIELDS   22-January-2003 - 13:01:25

David   23-June-2003 - 14:28:14
Great illustrated tips on getting a door installed correctly.

Billy Bob   02-August-2003 - 00:17:46
Didnt understand it

Ruppi   07-December-2003 - 13:49:47
The "Framing" step was very helpful. Thanks.

alexander t papp   07-March-2004 - 14:27:36
This has to be the best how to site i have found to date. nothing even compairs keep up the good work!

jones   06-November-2004 - 13:29:45
This is a terrible illustration when you do not know the terms and have never hung a door. A definition of the parts would be nice

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