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Replacing Broken Window Glass - Comments

Replacing Broken Window Glass - a step-by-step illustrated guide on removing and replacing broken window glass, specifically covering how to prepare for the new window glass, how to install the new glass, replacing glass on doors, adding finishing touches and more

Tom wall   29-November-2003 - 14:57:58
Good Instructions, but more clarification regarding door glass replacement would help - it is not clear if the door has only thin wood strips or the entire moulding retaining the glass - it is often tough to determine with visual inspection, since most old doors have several layers of paint concealing the detail on the window moulding.


heather   19-October-2005 - 13:34:21
after looking for more than an hour to find step by step instructions on how to install a door. I finally found your site. excellent job! you are the only one out there that i can tell. Everybody else more or less wanted to try to get you to hire a professional.


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