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AcneNet - instructional guides on acne from the American Academy of Dermatology, covering what acne is, acne myths, the social impact of acne, acne scarring, basic guidelines for treating acne, answers to frequently asked questions about acne and more

Norina Affiza   19-February-2003 - 22:54:02
I'm 23 years old. I'm having acne since last year. My skin type is sensitive. My t-zone very oily and the rest are very dry and sensitive. i'm not on medication. I go for acne and scar treatment at beauty salon but it also doesn't help me at all. Even the acne doesn't come out regularly but my face look very ugly and i have to cover up my face with a lot of make-up which means it's not natural anymore. I'm going to get married on this coming November. Is it because of my diet? I stop exercise about 6 months ago bacuse of my working schedule. I'm as Marketing Exrcutive for Medical company so i have to go out a lot and of course will expose to the sunlight which very bad for my skin also. I try few many products to help my acne problem but it's still doesn't help me especially the scar. Before this my skin very smooth and flawless and there's not much problem even i change using facial products and there is no effections to my skin. I hope that you can help me how to solve my problem especially about the scars.
One more question, is it laser treatment is good for face skin and normally how's the result?

Thank You.

hazwan   10-December-2005 - 05:10:37
try roaccutane its work

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