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Artyfactory - detailed, illustrated, step-by-step guides on Egyptian Art, African Tribal Art and Pencil Portraiture, with specific instruction on drawing Egytian heads, Hieroglyphics, African mask patterns, large pencil portraits, drawing eyes, noses, moths, ears, pencil shading techniques and more

David Brown   20-December-2002 - 06:21:27
Good content, easy navigation, good images/look

Teresa Cabrita   19-September-2004 - 05:29:55
All my life people told me i had a talent in drawing, but by going into this site i now believe more in myself and now think i have a gift aswell. It teaches you step by step how to draw really lifelike faces and by following that i found it thrillingly easy to do. i never knew how to draw as good as i draw now with the help of these step by step instructions. my sister who couldn't draw at all followed the steps to draw eyes noses mouths and finally she made a face that i thought had unbelievably shown that she had some talent which got me a bit jelous. so i think this site is the best site ever to teach me and other people who want to know how to draw to draw to the best of their ability.

aurora anita rusu   29-September-2004 - 17:22:38
very good,well organised,original.Bravo!

otis williams   04-December-2005 - 07:48:59
Just want to learn to draw happy cartoons bt mail. I want to use finacial aid maybe. Somw courses coat $700,99. That is ok if finacial aid helps.
meed to tp know right away.
Otis WilliMA gA.

tam   13-May-2007 - 07:35:39
It realy helped me in my egypiton studys

charley   18-November-2008 - 10:55:43

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