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Crochet at BellaOnline - Lessons Library - Comments

Crochet at BellaOnline - Lessons Library - a series of step-by-step, illustrated beginner crochet lessons, covering such topics as how to hold your hands, hook, & yarn, the chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, half double & double crochet, triple, double triple, treble triple, quad & quin triple crochet, hide the hole at the ends, spirals & swirls, crochet on fabric, adding beads, basic tunisian, tunisian knit stitch, tunisian cables, rounder circles, basic triangles, triangles from the inside out, solomon's knot, how to change and use several colors, hairpin lace fringe, loop stitch, how to design your own mobius scarf and more

donna   11-January-2003 - 14:40:11
great site! learned some new things.

rouma   22-April-2003 - 05:09:40
this site really helped me, although i'm not a beginner, but it helped me a lot. the site is good coz it illustrates the different kinds of stitchs- if not all of them- what i really think about is that the site does not contain complete progects nor patterns. so is it only a site for beginners or what? i do thank u for offering such a helpful site. wishing to improve the site.

Grace   25-January-2004 - 22:46:39
It just seems to be easy to follow instructions.

Gilda   01-July-2004 - 18:53:33
Thank you for not giving out any of my information. I would like to see a demostration of a crochet loop stitch, where you wrap the loop around your index finger.

Barb   21-January-2006 - 01:35:46
Excellent, well written, easyto follow, thank you for taking the time to give us this reasource

Jenny Pontvik   20-February-2006 - 11:30:32
I want to know if itīs possible to find some kind of lessons about tunisian crochet ,explanations in english,spanish and swedish too.Thank you for helping me.Bye!!!

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