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Learn Piano Online - Comments

Learn Piano Online - illustrated beginner piano lessons, covering where to begin, how to locate groups of two or three black keys, how to locate middle C, piano sections and the organization of the piano, finger numbers and placement, right hand placement for middle C position, which hand to use when, placement of left hand for left hand c position, using the whole piano and playing with both hands, eye-hand coordination and more

Lory   28-April-2003 - 15:21:45
This is really what I call "Easy Piano" lessons. It's really great!!!

Lisa   05-September-2003 - 21:12:29
Have tried other 'learning tools' but none made it so easy. Thanks

Bobby   05-March-2005 - 14:40:31
I agree with both previous comments. Great site.

carmen   14-February-2006 - 03:21:57
Your lessons for beginners is superb! This is my first time to touch a piano and I was able to play the melody after lesson no. 4. This gave me the ecouragement to go on and learn the piano even at the age of 46. Thank you very much

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