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Sign Language Alphabets from all over the world - Comments

Sign Language Alphabets from all over the world - instructional illustrations and/or textual descriptions of alphabets for various international sign languages, including The American Sign Language Alphabet, The British Two Handed Manual Alphabet for Sighted Deaf People, The Greek Sign Language Alphabet, The German Finger Manual Alphabet, The Lorm Deafblind Manual Alphabet, The Norwegian Manual Alphabet, The Russian Manual Alphabet, The Spanish Sign Language Alphabet and The Swedish Manual Alphabet

rebecca   13-November-2004 - 21:09:15
you dont have enough information on your site. i've been searching all over for polish sign language and was unable to find any information that was of use to me.

TamaraForbes   30-November-2004 - 16:19:52
i think u should us media player on BSl for poeple or deaf who want learn and should be free BSl lesson.

Ma. Christine L. Zaballero   07-June-2005 - 06:57:48
i wish i can have a copy of one of your manual... thanks a lot in advance...

more power!

Ma. Christine L. Zaballero

gisele   15-May-2007 - 01:59:00
it would be even better to know which letters differ in different languages exs: comair american sign alphabet with norwegian, or german and british sign alph. useful for people how travel a lot. thanks

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