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Design Principles: Graphic Design Principles Index - Comments

Design Principles: Graphic Design Principles Index - short, illustrated guides exemplifying principles of good graphic design, with tips on balancing the weight of graphic elements, bright or saturated colors, choosing appropriate typefaces, color balance, creating a rhythm, individual color idiosyncrasies, maintaining visual consistency , organizing elements, organizing intervals , perceptual disabilities, positive and negative space, readability, shape and density of type, the idiosyncrasies of color contrast, the social and gender connotations of colors, using typefaces and color consistently, using color to create memorable moods, using graphics to supplement non-visual information , using icons for recognizable concepts and more

Steve   15-December-2006 - 02:35:09
Well worth reading.

Indunil   30-June-2008 - 05:01:34
I like to know design concept i think it will be done to help full this site

UziTech   18-January-11 - 09:58:16
Very easy to understand and to the point

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