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Bartricks International: Free Bartricks - Comments

Bartricks International: Free Bartricks - a collection of step-by-step, photo-enhanced bar tricks, including such tricks as 1+2+3=4?, 10 Cap Pyramid, Ashes From Heaven, Ashtray Flick, Coin Lift, Cork & Two Forks, Deceptive Match Book, Instant Money Maker, Levitated Straws, Quarter Spin - Heads or Tails, Six to Four, Straw Pop - Explosion!, The Levitated Olive, Thirteen Into NINE and Three Before One

joe   17-June-2004 - 17:48:03

Kyle   24-December-2004 - 15:18:31

lee   21-August-2005 - 19:27:41
why did,nt i find this site at the beginning of the school holidays?to keep children occupied

kazi   16-January-2007 - 23:55:42
its 1 of the best i got a lot of sucess from ur site thks for every thing u do.

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