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CMHA - Coping with Stress - Comments

CMHA - Coping with Stress - text-based guides on managing stress, covering what stress is, your stress index, the stress response, how to cope with stress, the stages of stress, effects on health, easy ways to take pressure off yourself, physical skills, mental skills have some fun, preventing stress, tips for dealing with stress and tension, recreation & leisure, coping by learning, counselling and support, stress stretches, smart goals, walking breaks and more

Ieshia   18-December-2007 - 17:29:22
Hello my name is Ieshia.
I would like more information on how to deal with stress and anxiety. I just recently had a stress attack. For the first time in my life i felt i didn't have a sense of control over stress. I'm a full time student and i'm currently on the honor roll. I would like to remain there, with out experiencing something such as a stress attack.

Sincerely, Ieshia

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