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La langue franšaise sur RFI - Comments

La langue franšaise sur RFI - audio-based French lessons and collateral activies, covering such practical scenarios as meeting people, describing products, talking to sales representatives, communicating at the bank and the post-office, ordering office supplies, international business-cultures, and also including news in simple french, audio exercises, words and expressions used in the French-speaking world and more

Bill Jason   11-May-2003 - 07:56:33
This is a "live" website, which I can hear French and learn. But I think it's too difficult for me, because I'm a begginer, I want to find some French alphabet with voice, and number with voice, etc. vote score? 8.5

Joya   04-May-2006 - 00:27:56
This site is very helpful to work on the french listening comprehension with lots of sound files and excercises provided. It not only improves listening skills but also keeps us up-to-date with current news and words.

lm   18-March-10 - 23:46:06
I found this site very difficult!! I'm a beginner and my teacher suggested this site, but I couldn't understand a thing.

Easter   18-May-11 - 00:18:11
Cool! That's a clever way of lokniog at it!

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