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Pentix - The Art of Pen Spinning - Comments

Pentix - The Art of Pen Spinning - illustrated, step-by-step beginning and advanced pen-spinning tricks with supplementary video clips, including such pen tricks as the 360 Degree Normal, 360 Degree Reverse, Neo-Sonic, Index Spin, Devil's Spin, Fingerless 360 Degree Normal, Thumb Snap, Horizontal Thumb Snap, Snap Flip, Charge Normal, Charge Reverse, Finger Pass Normal, Finger Pass Reverse, Sonic Normal, Sonic Reverse, Sonic 1.5 Normal, Inverse Sonic Normal, Inverse Sonic Reverse, Sonic 2x Normal, Sonic 2x Reverse, iSonic, Half Taps, Single Normal, Single Reverse, Forward 1.5, Reverse 1.5, Double Normal, Triple Normal, Twisted Sonic Normal, Twisted Sonic Reverse, Devil's Sonic, Backhand Tracer, Spider Spin Normal and more

Mariam   04-July-2003 - 01:58:23
Fabulous site. I printed out the directions, and after a few hours or so of practice I got it! Now whenever I have a pen in my hand, it's my nature to spin it with my fingers. A+

Dickson   21-July-2004 - 20:58:31
Hey it deserves a 10!

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