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Pegasus: Adobe PhotoShop Tutorials - Comments

Pegasus: Adobe PhotoShop Tutorials - step-by-step, illustrated, beginner and advanced tutorials on using Adobe Photoshop, including such tutorials as "Beginners' Guide to Adobe PhotoShop", "Fonts & Text", "Landscapes", "Metallic Effects", "Watermarks Tutorial", "Five-Minute Website", "Graphical Watermarks", "Displacement", "The Piglet Factory", "Difference Nebulae", "How to separate an image from its background", "Creating a Random Lighting Layer", "Creating a Realistic Wood Texture", "How to make web buttons", "Making a tiled web page background", "Create your own Company Logo", "Six font styles that make text stand out", "Creating a graphical web page header in Adobe PhotoShop", "Modern Style Web Design" and more

matt p   18-February-2003 - 09:59:01
good tutorials, but they gloss over key issues that a beginner would encounter:

"Using the Text tool, add some text to your button. "
"Increase the tracking (letter spacing). It makes the text more dramatic."

How to do these steps is not described..

LaDonna   26-February-2003 - 17:25:36
I was looking for something basic to get me started. This site was perfect for me! keep up the excellent work!

Dini   01-March-2003 - 11:35:04
This site has very good tutorials.

Lyndall   15-August-11 - 23:58:51
This article acheived exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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