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APOW: About Pastels - Comments

APOW: About Pastels - a brief, text-based guide on pastels and pastel painting, covering how pastels are made, techniques of application and more

marion   15-May-2003 - 10:16:56
i would like to learn how to use pastell colors in paintings

amy johnson   27-October-2003 - 15:33:58
the information was interesting,but it was kind of boring.if you want my advice i would add some more pictures

Alice   24-November-2004 - 21:45:08
Thanks, you gave a good overview something I needed as I begin to use pastels. I never thought of using water with pastels, and will try it.

Loreen Smith   11-February-2005 - 09:26:06
I found your site very user friendly. I have just started using pastels and know very little about them. Your site is full of great information. Thanks. Loreen

Brian M Frank   20-January-2007 - 19:07:08
a good basic introduction

will   31-August-2008 - 02:10:35
site wont open

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