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Pastel Pratfalls - Comments

Pastel Pratfalls - a text-based guide to common mistakes to avoid in pastel painting and their remedies, including planning to fail by failing to plan, choosing the wrong surface, filling the tooth too fast, blending, overworking, staying too close to middle values, repetitive application, making mud, being "self-taught", blowing dust off in the studio and other health risks and more

Frank   29-April-2004 - 17:15:58
Thank you so much for these tips. I struggle to get the effects that i see in my head, on paper. I believe this will help me solve some of my problems. Thanks again. F.

cathy   07-June-2004 - 20:06:51
Much more impressed with this tutorial then many others. Always a focus on keeping the artwork fresh, interesting and not overworked. Very practical, great tutorial.

D. Cooper   24-February-2005 - 12:06:31
This was very helpful! Thank you!

Cheryl Anderson   24-May-2005 - 15:19:44
Sometimes getting the basics repeated is all it takes to clear a problem.

Karlenn   30-May-2005 - 19:35:36
This is a fast site for some really good advice for us newcomers to pastel.

brooksforce   03-June-2005 - 20:39:28
New to pastels, but not new to painting I find this information very valuable. But be advised, I worked with chemists for 23 years and they can be far too compacent. Do wear gloves and follow all the warnings to protect yourself from inhalation, etc.

kelly   27-December-2005 - 18:30:36
concise, good tips

sue francis   07-January-2006 - 15:42:39
Great info. I have been doing pastels for about 3 years and this advise really helped with the instructions I have already received. Got my muse going. You are so right...don't be afraid to make mistakes. Pastels are sooo much fun. Any thoughts on oil pastels? Would like to give those a try.

hozerunner   19-May-2006 - 14:39:44
A good "common sense" article which contains many pointers and pitfalls that are often taken for granted; everyone needs an occassional reminder - this does just that.

toby dean   29-January-2007 - 04:49:47
Excellent advice. Clear, simple and instructive with no unnecessary babble. Thank you.

Harsa Dhokia   12-May-2009 - 10:47:52
some good tips for free! i often make the mistakes you mention. I struggle with tonal values in pastels and choosing the right colours.
Thankyou for your tips

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