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Volcanoes: Can we predict volcanic erruptions? - Comments

Volcanoes: Can we predict volcanic erruptions? - a guide to why erruptions occur, judging hazards, forecasting, and coping with risk

Heather U.   03-February-2000 - 09:21:47
I love your website. I think it is attention grabbing, very informative and well designed. The material given is interesting and the follow-up activities are fun. Your site makes learning about volcanoes fun.

Tigris   15-September-2003 - 16:54:50
I absolutely enjoyed the fact that everything was explained so well.
The graphics and pictures allowed me to actually see what you were talking about.Keep up the good work.

Rachel   23-December-2006 - 14:48:54
Gives you everything you need; it is a great web site.

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