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Acrylic Painting the Cheap and Easy Way! - Comments

Acrylic Painting the Cheap and Easy Way! - a small set of text-based acrylic painting tips for beginners, covering which tubes to buy, which colours are best to start painting with, ways to learn without spending too much money and more

Suzann   09-April-2003 - 22:57:22
I also love to draw & paint. I enjoyed looking at your web site. If you have any suggestions as to how a new artist can start selling more of their paintings & drawings please feel free to give me some advise.Thankyou for your time. I have been painting & drawing since I was 15 & have sold alot of them, but my lifelong dream has always been to do it as my occupation. I am now 45 & would like to persue this. Your advise would be helpfull. Snooz5

David K   25-October-2003 - 02:35:46
Great starters article!

johnny   27-February-2004 - 13:34:32
This was a very helpful article, I would love to learn more. I have been
drawing for years, now, I am trying to learn to paint. Thank you, Johnny

KIM   27-April-2004 - 18:32:19
Starting with black and white first to learn value and composition really works. Sometimes we just want to be master painters right from the get go. But if we are patient and try this technique we can go farther faster.

Vicki   18-July-2004 - 20:40:59
You told me everything I needed to know about getting started with acrylics. The art store wanted me to spend a fortune on supplies, but now I know I don't need them. Thanks!

christine   25-October-2004 - 01:23:24
heyz =) nice article, about the pallete....i used a marble tile...my art teacher recommended it...my paints don't dry up that fast....

ming   14-December-2004 - 16:45:32
very good tips

Maxine   21-December-2004 - 08:30:35
This is very boring to read so make the site more attractive and make people wanna read it. Stop making big paragraphs of boring information!!!

gemma   23-January-2005 - 18:46:04
brilliant basic tips. i have just started and have tried to run before i could walk. very usefull information. thanks

vinayak   18-February-2005 - 13:36:46
it is really nice

BROWN,C   20-February-2005 - 18:52:46

Donna Masseo   19-August-2005 - 17:11:45
Just starting with acrylics. Good site. Thank you.

Rachel   20-August-2005 - 11:46:37
Loved your site. Very helpful for an old hand trying to re-learn a childhood skill of painting.

Joe Trimarchi   28-December-2005 - 09:23:50
It was very interesting. I've painted with Acrylics before, a number of years ago (I'm used to oils.)
They dry fast which is hard to accept at first, one must get used to that. If an error is made, you just paint over it. There must be a way to make it more pliant so that you can work with it and blend your colors more easily (like oils). I will persevere.

serena   29-December-2005 - 14:56:20
cool, cheap and easy :) ding

joanne clements   05-January-2006 - 08:51:40
some good advice, this will be my first time since school, that I`m using acrylics...

m1ffy   27-January-2006 - 20:07:45
good starting place with very basic and helpful info.

Mate   04-February-2006 - 14:57:32
Cool start!

Shayla   06-June-2006 - 17:40:22
THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SITE ON LEARNING TO PAINT WITH ACRYLICS! I do have a HANDY HINT: Don't just read the Home page, although it carefully outlines the materials you will need. DO ALSO click on the link in the Home Page text (toward the bottom third of the Home page) that will get you to the wonderful 16 mini-lessons (with great color illustrations)! It is a treat to read through these lessons, or "plays" as the artist Harlan Simantel calls them, to learn how much experience can be gained by doing less intimidating smaller, simpler paintings in the beginning. I printed out every page of these lessons in color as well as the Home page for future reference! It's well worth the trouble. And, don't forget to print out the .pdf file pages of mini frames that H. Simantel offers for your practice in doing thumbnail sketches (Look for the explanation and link to those thumbnail pages in the lesson #9 text.). ENJOY!

sky   19-March-2008 - 06:20:10
Thank you ! Please paint more religious pictures. The two you have here are simply awesome.
clear skies-Sky

Blackbird   21-September-10 - 22:54:28
I can't seem to find this painting course as the links appear to be dead. Can anyone help?

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