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American Sign Language Browser - Comments

American Sign Language Browser - a large collection of video-enhanced ASL signs, along with related contextual information

Net   20-January-2004 - 12:15:10
Very complete, the videos are swift and clearly done. Im not a hearing impaired person, but in 2 days, i can already talk to my deaf friend in sign language using this dictionary.

Joshua   03-November-2004 - 08:57:22
Great site for learning new words!

Daff   18-January-2005 - 20:38:50
I love this website! It was soooo helpful in my sign language learning!

Brenda   17-March-2005 - 22:59:51
I really enjoy this site,it is helping me so much,Thank you .My book do not give a clear enough signing as this site does.

Kay   14-May-2005 - 23:53:31
Great site! Clear and easy to follow.

Thank you!

ike   01-December-2005 - 14:41:07
This seems to be the best of the ASL wwebsites for learning. I wish it had more words.

I am a teacher and I am starting to use ASL for teaching kinetic learners vocab words, works wonders.


Shaquitta Stokes   14-April-2006 - 02:00:48

Dorinda   27-August-2007 - 12:55:08
I would like to be able to see the picture closer so that I can see her face and hand motions better. Thank you.

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