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The Chinese Outpost: Mandarin Tutorial - Comments

The Chinese Outpost: Mandarin Tutorial - detailed tutorials on the major features of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, characters and grammar, specifically covering such topics as methods of "romanizing" Chinese, initials and finals, the four tones, tone shifts, recommended films for listening, basic strokes of Chinese characters, stroke order principles, number of strokes, construction principles, traditional vs. simplified characters, radicals and dictionaries, character "styles", verbs and word order, expressing "tense" in chinese, particles, measure words, question formats and more

david   16-October-2005 - 17:06:12
Itīs the best page I found. Clear,lots of very interesting topics,very good developed. Many interesting links. A unique treasure for beginners like me.I recomended to everyone who wants to learn chinese, even if they have a teacher.And itīs funny too!

  17-October-2005 - 12:41:38
great site!

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