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Taiji - Comments

Taiji - illustrated and video-enhanced guides on the theory and major forms and postures of Tai Chi in the Yang-style, Chen-style, Sun-style, Wu-style and others, covering such forms as "Part the Wild Horse´s Mane", "White Crane Spreads Its Wings", "Playing the Lute", "Single Whip", "Wave Hands", "High Pat on Horse", "Needle at Sea Bottom", "Fan Through Back", "Cross Hands" and much more

annie   19-April-2003 - 15:39:51
i thought this site was very well put together but lacked instructions on how to follow through with the positions. and also if someone wanted to print instructions it takes a lot of ink for photos. other than that the info of music was interesting.

Jane   19-May-2003 - 00:37:36
Great video download shows 24 posture Yang style.

Richard   10-March-2004 - 15:04:17
I would like to know how the art of Tai Chi can be used in self defense application ? Your response will be deeply apreciated, Thank You.

Sharon   02-September-2004 - 11:26:17
excellent website that is simple, cuts out all the junk and lets the illustrated demonstrations via picture/video format speak for themselves. Five stars!

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