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The Scottish Mandolin - Comments

The Scottish Mandolin - illustrated, step-by-step tutorials and other instructional materials on the Scottish mandolin, covering such topics as how to use the plectrum, mandolin tuning, keys and scales, mandolin accessories, mandolin fingering, mandolin tablature, pick direction, pick direction technique, scale exercises, strokes, tablature, the history of the mandolin, decoration and more

Steve   02-January-2004 - 18:14:22
It was good at explaining how to read tablature

nvrgrwld   10-March-2005 - 22:26:35
I really liked the old songs they offered. Lots of new songs for me

ralph   16-January-2007 - 10:14:30
A brilliant resource for those of us trying to build a mandolin repertoire. Thanks a million.

judy johnston   30-December-2007 - 08:07:28
complete beginner

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