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Dante Rosati's Guitar Page - Comments

Dante Rosati's Guitar Page - instructional pages on chromatic octaves, single finger strumming, rasgueo, preparation, string crossing, practicing the chromatic scale, learning the diatonic scale patterns, practicing major scales, visualization and more

Katrina Phillips   29-June-2001 - 09:19:11
I can't believe this guy is offering such helpful information for free!

Joseph   04-May-2004 - 14:55:53
Appreciated finding a web site where I can listen and learn about classical guitar. I'm currently taking lessons, but have little or no intention of becoming a noted guitarist. I'm 70 yrs of age, so just enjoy playing for personal enrichment and listening.


Drew   16-March-2006 - 21:55:37
Dante's Classical guitar preparation truly helped. Thanks

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