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Eyes on Design: Photoshop Tutorials - Comments

Eyes on Design: Photoshop Tutorials - illustrated, step-by-step tutorials on creating specific graphics and effects using Photoshop 6 and Photoshop 7, covering a quick and simple way to slice and save your images, bevel and emboss, bubble gum text, cartoon eyes, carved out text, chrome buttons, cool text effects, gold text, how to apply insets to your designs, how to make interfaces, how to make screws, how to use gradients and curves to create metallic bugs, inset lines, making a chrome-looking sphere, making your text look pushed in, pixelated shadow, plastic text, quick and easy buttonbar, the liquify tool, transparent beveled text, using the healing brush & the patch tool and more

Dennis Tomlin   22-December-2003 - 17:31:46
Very nice effects. Thanks for the help.

thomas   19-August-2006 - 08:07:42
i think it is a realy think it is very helpfull for begginers

kala   25-September-10 - 13:22:38
i love ......................

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