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Albanian Overview - Comments

Albanian Overview - text-based introductory guides to the Albanian language, covering Albanian dialects, the history of Albanian, its classification, Albanian grammar, Albanian vocabulary, Albanian phrases and more

Phil   22-May-2003 - 02:04:15
Great Site

Anamaria Galusca   03-March-2005 - 04:54:53
The site is verry good!Thanks for giving us the opportunity to find out something about albanian language

claudio   07-March-2005 - 12:56:30
this site is excellent for people who want to learn this language.Thank for your help.
You should have a albanian-spanish dictionary where one can look up some words. thank very much.

alban   10-November-2005 - 01:46:42
great job keep it up

Asheleigh   09-January-2006 - 13:56:57
A really good way to begin your way to learning Albanian! Wonderful website with lots of information.

Milena   24-February-2006 - 11:57:59
Very well describes the grammar!!

Tom   06-February-2008 - 17:21:10
Also I found this website: www.learn-albanian.com

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