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Tips on Acrylic Painting - Comments

Tips on Acrylic Painting - a brief instructional guidesheet on acrylic painting, outlining the history of acrylic painting, the drying qualities of acrylics, acrylic "oil painting" technique, acrylic "watercolor" technique and more

Judy Yamaguchi   01-March-2004 - 15:14:19
I loved this site! It has everything and nice explanations of products for the uninitiated. HOWEVER, I don't understand why shipping costs are not commensurate with weight of the object. Ratings Shipping to selling price makes it like a tax. Otherwise, It is GREAT.

pelin   17-September-2004 - 10:18:50
thank you for making such a good site.

seth wade   05-December-2004 - 14:58:41
retarder gel from utrecht applied with any type brush, will help the blending process in acrylics
especially skies or water, it will help build through numerous layers or glazes a very luminous effect. i also use it plus water in transparent washes or glazes over a finished painting to give softness to the painting.on water one can make it glossy simalar to oils. i use acrylics in an oil style,for i painted in oils 12 years, left oils because oils became a health hazard. have painted in acrylics 40 years.i have many other tips.

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