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NetMBA Business Knowledge Center - Comments

NetMBA Business Knowledge Center - instructional articles pertaining to the major branches of business, including accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, operations, statistics and strategic management, including such articles as "Capital Budgeting", "Covariance", "ERG Theory", "Future Value", "Market Segmentation", "McClelland's Theory of Needs", "Motivation-Hygiene Theory", "Opportunity Cost", "Price Elasticity of Demand", "Scenario Planning", "Situation Analysis", "The Accounting Process", "The Demand Curve", "The Marketing Concept", "The Marketing Mix", "The Strategic Planning Process" and more

Puja Vij   04-March-2004 - 17:57:15
This is a great site. The lessons (finanacial accounting)are very nicely explained.After reading the lessons, I'm left with no doubt at all.
Thanks a lot. Hope u guys keep on making things easy for us, students here.I'll recommend this site to one and all who needs to understand the basics of Financial Accounting.
Thanks Again.
Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret   25-January-2005 - 06:16:31
Thank you for this website. It has been very helpful in my search for tutorials and training sites for building my skills.

amit singh(mba India)   14-December-10 - 23:58:02
Very resourceful site. Help me really very very much.
But after spending sometime in this website the excess is denied.
Thats frustrating

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