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Nancy Doyle: Pastel Lesson - Comments

Nancy Doyle: Pastel Lesson - a brief pastel lesson and overview of pastel types and accessories, covering color relationships in pastel, doing landscapes in pastel, pastel drawing boards, fixative, hard and soft and pastels, pastel paper, pastel history, pastel pencils, pastel techniques and more

thomas holden   09-November-2003 - 01:23:33
I Just love your style!

Carole Kinnear   08-September-2004 - 21:09:50
I have just recently tried using soft pastels, and i was amazed at the results. With no prior learning in the use of pastels, i appreciate the information available in this article. A lot of sites lure you with false promises of info available, only then to find out most of it is just advertising or promotional stuff! Good job! I am looking forward to sharing this article with friends! Thank-you!

M. Perry   14-July-2005 - 17:46:33
This had some really interesting information. Some of the links, however, did not work. Thank you. MP

Shailesh   13-December-2005 - 11:52:19
I am no artist, I am a scientist. But I practice art as a hobby. It is my best friend ever. I never had a chance to learn art myself, though I longed for it. This site also cater to the needs of amateurs like me who wish to sketch and paint not as professionals but to get some happiness out of it or forget their blues. I have learned art from books but this site was more helpful to me than any other book . The explainations is clear and lucid and doesn't require you to have a strong vocabulary of art to understand what she means. I appreciate this site from the very bottom of my heart.

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