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Presentation Helper - Comments

Presentation Helper - text-based guides containing hints and tips for making effective presentations, covering such topics as how to make five, seven or ten minute presentations, how to get the best structure, humour in presentations, innovative presentation ideas, job presentations, myths and old wives tales, presentation design, presentations for corporate audiences, presentations for business, presentations for your company, rehearsing, the rule of three, the skills you need and more

larry   12-July-2003 - 23:50:21
The number of typos (misspellings) really distracted from your article on making presentations. The first and last thing I recommend to folks making a slide show is to proof read your presentation for errors. You need to make corrections to your article or lose creditability. Regards, Larry

Jonathan Portcullis   15-July-2003 - 09:12:11
Very informative site. One of the few sites that I have found offering advice on job presentations.

John Smith   15-July-2003 - 09:30:30
This is a great site - packed full of useful presentation tips. I have to give many presentations and have learned a great deal.

Tim   22-January-2005 - 05:56:27
Nice site. I have used a number of the tips

Louise   18-May-11 - 19:55:28
AFAIC that's the best asnewr so far!

Darrance   22-September-11 - 12:35:19
This is an aritcle that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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