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Nimble Fingers: Finger Exercises - Comments

Nimble Fingers: Finger Exercises - away-from-the-keyboard typing exercises for both hands designed to improve typing coordination and dexterity, including "Finger Stretching","Basic Steps","Two Step","Fancy Fingers","The Samba","Right Two","Just Wow!","Left Two" and more

Antra   10-June-2004 - 13:51:57
Everyone Should know how to protect their fingers, hands and wrist, do not do what I did when I first began over 10 years in typing, I didnt exersize! I didnt stretch, I didnt take breaks! but of course back in those days no one ever dream of ever getting carpal tunnel!

I give this a top ten rating! Everyone who uses a keyboard regardless the style should get into the habit of finger/hand exersizing!

suzanne   28-May-2005 - 15:58:45
I think Nible fingers is great fun and it gets the job done,the best iv'e tried on the internet or any where! Thanks Suzanne

Paul Thomas   20-April-2007 - 20:32:41
Great series of dexterity exercises that are fun to use... Very informative and extensive web site. I love it.

Mattie   02-July-11 - 09:22:58
Thanks for the insgiht. It brings light into the dark!

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