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Business Spanish Lessons - Comments

Business Spanish Lessons - guides and tutorials on how to speak and write business and conversational Spanish, covering such topics as asking questions in Spanish, banking in Spanish, calling a friend, cardinal & ordinal numbers, colors, compensation, courtesy words, diphthongs & triphthongs, gender and number, getting around, getting directions, greeting friends, greetings & farewells, introducing people, inviting friends over, leaving a message, months, present tense, pronouns, pronunciation tips, saying good-bye, Spanish accounting, Spanish at the airport, Spanish grammar, speaking Spanish at customs, taking a taxi, telling time, the Spaniah alphabet, travel Spanish and more

j d silver   09-April-2005 - 03:01:27
The business terminology really helps me communicate with my hispanic customers. I give it A++ for helping explain any small billing issue or account information using this vocabulary.

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