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Mikey's Big Book of Drawing Tips - Comments

Mikey's Big Book of Drawing Tips - short, simple, illustrated online drawing tips, covering such topics as action clues, animal faces, attention getters, basic shapes , body language, cartoon contortions, cool tricks for tracing, creating a caricature, creating depth of perspective, creating movement, dialog balloons, drawing airplanes, eye lids, feature exaggeration, futuristic artistry, heads , highlighting, horizontal symmetry, miniaturization, mixing realism & cartoon graphics, morphing, optical illusion, physical distortions, picture association, scribble people, sculpting with a pen or pencil, sequence, setting the stage, shading technique , shadows, simple guitars, surrealism, technotoons, textures, twisted 3D effects and more

jenna hall   22-August-2005 - 14:00:40
i like it alot

Alib   07-October-2005 - 02:35:42
This website is pathetic, It is immediately apparent that Mikey has no skill whatsoever, and whatever motivated him to give people "tips" is a mystery to me, if you are looking to learn to draw, look elsewhere, there are some great sites on basic anatomy in the Anime section, which are extremely usefull whether you are drawing Anime, or something more western in design.

In short, Learn to draw Mikey, please.

Bratan   05-May-2006 - 00:16:25
Absolutely the best drawing tips! Yes site is sure ugly, but functional, and information is pricesless. This guy explains every aspect of drawing, even the most little details that most of the other authors omit.

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