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Spelling it Right: Spelling Worksheets - Comments

Spelling it Right: Spelling Worksheets - a collection of spelling guides and accompanying exercises, including such guides as "A lesson on the apostrophe mark", "American and British spelling differences", "Extending your vocabulary", "Help for adults who are weak spellers", "How parents can help their children become better spellers", "how the "magic e" affects vowels", "Memorizing strategies for new spellings", "Proof reading strategies", "What you need to become good at spelling", "Why suffixes are important in spelling", "Words starting with consonant blends" and more

tammy   15-January-2004 - 06:32:19
I could not find the worksheets

Roger   02-July-2006 - 01:53:44
Just click on the link above and you go straight to the list of worksheets Tammy.

Michelle McKinney   24-August-2007 - 12:54:43
I liked your tips and your games. Thank you also for the list of links, it was very helpful. I was looking for an interactive spelling test site, so it didn't provide that...
thanks. great site!

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