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Classical Guitar Construction - Comments

Classical Guitar Construction - a step-by-step, photo-enhanced guide on how to build a classical guitar in the style of Antonio Torres, complete with classical guitar construction plans

Bruce B   01-August-2004 - 11:22:52
Gives good clear lines on all of the work

zadick serge   26-September-2005 - 23:00:16
It was a gift from above .
Thanks once again

Bummoo Huh   25-January-2007 - 19:41:29
Excellent site.
I couldn't start thinking "building guitar ..". without this page.

Sher   26-February-2007 - 18:35:07
really..now i know it all. what a great help

Susan   17-February-2008 - 16:41:33
I think this site is very helping for my kids.Since they have a science fair coming up in March.Thank you all so much!

Joe Fernandez   16-June-2008 - 06:38:17
Any one know where i can find "Flamenco Guitar Construction"?
Is it the same as Classical or just the woods are different?

Anyone with ANY helpfull feedback e-mail me at Exalteth@Gmail.com

Please I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Mark Levinsohn   14-April-10 - 08:25:18
I am trying to build my own guitar and would like some information on the neck structure.

Many thanks.


alvin   10-October-11 - 11:29:13

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