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Hoffman Guitars: Building a Guitar - Comments

Hoffman Guitars: Building a Guitar - step-by-step guides to building an acoustic guitar, covering such procedures as making a mold, side bending, making and installing linings, making the top, gluing, making the ribs, making the back, assembling the body, binding the body, making the neck blanks, making the fingerboard and more

Amelia Tutaki   02-June-2004 - 19:37:52
I thought that this site was ok, but it is plain. I would have like to have seen the text being an in depth text, more detailed.

Lauren Wimmer   16-October-2004 - 19:08:48
I was pleased with the step by step instuction. It could have been more detailed although someone familar with woodworking should'nt have much trouble building a guitar from the instructions. If someone needs more detail I would suggest Cumpiano & Natelson's book. I think this is a great web site to introduce someone to the building process. I'm a beginner in the art of guitar making and this site has helped and inspired me to keep trying to build the perfect instrument for me.
Let me say thank you for taking the time to give us aspiring luthiers another resourse to help us along in this wonderful rewarding craft!!
Lauren Wimmer

RICHARD GREEN   20-February-2005 - 07:24:29
I just wanted to say that I've looked at a lot of sites trying to find one I could follow the lingo and instructions on how to make a guitar. I've been playing for about 40 years, and still a novice, and have been interested in trying my hand at making my own acoustic for a long time. Now I might just give it a try. Yours is the best I've seen for a novice like me. Now I'll have to find a way to do the work with the tools I have in my own small shop. Thanks for the Great Site. Guitarrags.

george   22-March-2005 - 09:10:45
I like your site

lambert scalvini   03-August-2006 - 20:59:05
A definite 10. He is patient, clear, and concise. What a great site for beginers and others alike!

Matt   31-January-2009 - 17:03:08
Thank you for your practical approach of sharing such a wealth of information about your product. Very interesting and inspiring, sincerely, Matt.

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