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How to Moonwalk - Comments

How to Moonwalk - a step-by-step, photo- and video-enhanced guide on how to do the Moonwalk, made famous by Michael Jackson

J-Rain   01-June-2004 - 16:57:35
This is great, it help me a lot, the only reason why I gave a 9 instead of a 10 is that the video ain't long enough.

Thanks to who ever did that site.

tommy   17-January-2005 - 08:02:08
how on earth does this teach you to moonwalk continuously with both feet

kurt   26-June-2005 - 12:39:35
i really like this sight. Like it is really good and amazing. I am picking up all the ladies now that I can do this move. It is like so amazingly cool. I owe my life to the website because it saved me.

Ronj   01-August-2005 - 06:39:56
If you really want to learn try this site

aly-j   12-October-2005 - 23:07:41
its easy and cool once you get the hang of it, it impresses evoryone

Jimmy no   07-December-2005 - 20:31:02
:) =D moonwalk time ^_^ =] WOOT! (insert evil laughter at this point) its a good thing that i am not Mike Tyson because he is a molestor

Capitan   22-January-2006 - 20:50:39
How long does it take to learn the moonwalk?

Dima   30-January-2006 - 20:27:03
it takes about a day to learn the technique and about half a year to get it to look as crazy as Jackson

micheal   14-March-2006 - 19:38:51
i dont get this instructions

James   12-May-2006 - 00:48:44
NOTE: To all those that have broken an ankle in the past, it's tougher to get the choreography of this move down, but it is still possible.

anonymous person   17-July-2006 - 14:45:23
this site is no help and the instructions is quite hard, hehehe i no u dont no wot im chattin bout but overall, this site is not that helpful!!

Eric   20-August-2006 - 21:36:48
this site is to hard to understand.it sucks...

Mike the Polishboy   21-August-2006 - 18:25:34
Yeah, this site did help me a lot, but u got to read it then u go on google-->video-->moonwalk, cause the movies r too short. Ilearnd the basics in 1&1/2hour. Its not that hard u just got to keep on practicing.

john   11-November-2006 - 17:38:12
i cant do it right

mark   11-November-2006 - 17:38:50
this site is veeeeeeeeeery helpful

Jason   02-January-2007 - 20:11:47
Is it hard?

Jason   02-January-2007 - 20:15:10
someone tell me how i dont get it

your dick   23-February-2007 - 11:05:31
thnx but my site is so much better and this guy who wrote this probably cant even do it

Livvy N Core   08-June-2007 - 16:48:13
Me and core are trying to do the moonwalk because we have always wanted to learn it!

We've watched ALL the videos on YouTube about moonwalking and how to do it.... but.... they are not working!!!!!

These instructions are to hard to understand... we would like you to put on easier instructions for the next time we come on this site.

We really love what Michael Jackson does, and how he dances... it's utterly IMPOSSIBLE for us to learn this dance move.

So please put easier understanding instructions on this site... for us.

Leave me a comment back, and I will get back to you.

love, Livvy And Core.


manuel   11-November-2007 - 13:20:54
i love michael jackson

manuel   11-November-2007 - 13:26:29
the moonwalk is hard but im lerning step by step

manuel   11-November-2007 - 13:27:23
i learned moonwalk alredy

michael   11-November-2007 - 15:08:01
how on earth can you lern moonwalk the blimming thing is to fast suckers

Carrie   11-March-2008 - 20:47:55
I am 8yrs old and I KNOW I will learn to moonwalk.

dalynn davis   06-February-10 - 03:09:35
Don't get it @ all

dalynn davis   12-May-10 - 01:41:26
This sucks the guy in the kithen can't even do it so how is he going to teach us he's re re.

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