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Paper Airplanes: ten original flying designs - Comments

Paper Airplanes: ten original flying designs - step-by-step illustrated guides to making ten original paper airplanes, including the Canada Goose, Condor, Deltry, Duck, Katydid, Moth, Slider, Spike, Tumbler and Zump

Aleksey Trabert   02-February-2004 - 11:49:27
I really like your airplane options on this internet but I would rather follow more and spacific instructions so I am trying to say that you would be better if you have more instructions. I choose 4 of your models and I really like them. Thank you for helping me choose the best airplanes to build for my class.

Miranda   11-December-2004 - 08:40:13
This website is okay. All you need to do is to not have people click on the more instructions link at the bottom of the page.

hi   27-January-2005 - 18:00:19
this is great it is so easy.

Haley   14-April-2005 - 00:05:59
This site has great designs that are easy to use with little kids. Perfect for rainy days of babysitting. Thanks!

Zoe   21-January-2007 - 16:30:29
omg thatz zo cool.i want 2 come here all da timez. itz zo funzeelisious thatz i muzt come here agaianz. hopez 2 zee u aroundz.i livez in Ba-Sing-Sai.


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