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How to Make an Origami Crane - Comments

How to Make an Origami Crane - a detailed, step-by-step illustrated guide to folding an origami crane, requiring only a square sheet of paper

Joe Hulsey   25-January-2004 - 21:25:53
Really neat!

zippo   16-February-2004 - 15:50:49
it is rubbish dont go on it i mean you have to buy origami parer to understand it i was all right for about the first 4 steps ! so don`t go on it

Kelly   05-April-2004 - 12:28:53
between steps 16 and 17 the figure does not look like mine. I think somehow a step is skipped. I figured out how to fold a crane, but not because the directions are crystal clear. Also, when you say fold one flap over and your showing the flap sticking straight up it's real hard to figre out which flap and which way you mean.

charlotte   25-April-2004 - 13:35:54
i got quite far but then i got stuck because i couldn't figure out what side i was supposed to be folding because the picture wasn't very clear. but i understood most of it quite well.

James   24-May-2004 - 00:12:53
Well, the steps are really great BUT!!! On step 17 my crane became a piece of paper full of wrinkles. Something had to have been skipped. It shows a flap that the person is holding, but i don't see the flap.....my bird is somehow retarded. I can't get passed step 17. It's a great step-by-step procedure until then.

s.c   16-August-2004 - 10:16:17
Hi!! I tried making this crane, i managed to get up to 3 and at 11-12 i got stuck on the instructions. The pictures are not very clear please try and explain it better so i can learn how to do it!!!

Amy   22-October-2004 - 19:16:28
I tried forever to make a crene from my kit thing but the instructions just were to hard to understand. This so helped.

Samantha   31-December-2004 - 12:03:54
hey i keep getting stuck on number 17 on the orgami crane. oher than there and on the site is awsome!!!!!

Mandi   31-January-2005 - 22:16:16
I got there eventually after about half an hour of trying!!! Once you are able to see the instruction - It makes sense, but there is alot of confussion along the way!!!

Berenice   05-February-2005 - 12:17:38
i love the way you have made it be simple asnd easy to make an origami crane... i am doing a project for a class on arigami on how to do it and you have made it so easy... thanks a bunch!!!!! i love the idea that i can now say that i thought a class how to fold a piece of paper into a crane

Marina Williams   11-February-2005 - 17:37:26
I think that your site is very detailed. I was making birds when my mom turned off the computer, and I remembered how to make the crane. so , I kept making them. They are for my class on Valentines Day. Thank you!

Ina   21-February-2005 - 21:21:54
don't like it. hard. very hard

Ina   21-February-2005 - 22:10:20
Doing it for a demotstration speech. I tried to make a crane, but turned to be a triangle.An ugly one. Directions and pictures are so not clear

John   27-February-2005 - 21:09:35
Good site, but complicated

chelsea m.   27-February-2005 - 23:55:48
---->look---> this origami was actually easier than a simple star for me, i didn't get stuck on any step, i think this wedsite is so awsome and i love how they describe and the pictures of how to do each step!!! :) yayayayayay! now u try it and good job whoever created this website

amanda   15-March-2005 - 19:19:34
i messed up on 3... i think.....

Maria   26-March-2005 - 20:24:41
Easy to read and get the instructions an the paper!!!!!!!!!

Grace Ingram   10-April-2005 - 01:47:08
It was very easy to start off with, but it got a bit confusing near the end. The pictures and easy-to-follow instructions made it really simple.

amanda   28-May-2005 - 09:25:25

Steph Twist   28-May-2005 - 11:49:13
it's really easy... up to steps 11-12 coz the picture is'nt clear nd neither r the instructions... therefore i could'nt continue makng the crane

David Spedding   17-June-2005 - 07:31:10
I thought this site was not well presented, the diagrams were hard to follow. The instructions were not clear and too many times the word flap was used when there were up to eight possible "flaps" that could be moved. In the end I sought another website, where I could see what to do and moved the paper around to find what to do when I got stuck. Not at all useful!

Anonomous   14-August-2005 - 17:02:48
this crane is really cool compared to the first one i learned, this one actually looks like a crane, good detailed instructions too.:]

Erica   17-August-2005 - 23:47:37
I thought this site was terrible. Sorry to whoever made it but, I thought it was very hard to follow. I didn't get it at all. But maybe it's just me. I have tried about 10 different sites and none of them have helped me at all.

jank   19-August-2005 - 23:11:07
great site

andy   06-September-2005 - 10:15:08

Michelle   13-September-2005 - 19:21:02
I'm doing this for a Demostration Speech. Steps 11-12 are really confusing for me.

peter   18-September-2005 - 02:24:47
The instructions were very straight forward and ushered me to complete my first origami peice. Thanks to all who workon the site.

Darcie   20-September-2005 - 20:05:59
Alot of it was very easy to understand! Thanks!!

Arlyn   27-September-2005 - 22:02:35
weel thats kool for us cuz i dont even konw how to make one and im sad !!!!!!!

Betty   01-October-2005 - 20:36:33
I thought that it was really difficult to foolow...being that in most of the pictures there were hands in the way...the directions could have been ALOT better!

teanne   03-October-2005 - 15:25:31
i thought it was hard and im not jokeing i can do any sort of origarmi but this one was hard so can you do one what is not as hard. please

mishel   10-October-2005 - 13:30:20
I was so excited when I made my first one!
It was really hard, the first one i made took me two days to make.
Then, I found this website and it's much easier!

Thank You!

Jessica   02-November-2005 - 19:41:09
This is a great way to learn Origami! I've been doing this for a long time and forgot how to make cranes and this helped me figure it out in no time!

Person   01-December-2005 - 00:25:29
This was a good way to remember how to make cranes, since it has been so long. ^^ I was a bit stuck on step 18, but I read through it a few times, looked at my paper, and managed to work it out.

I'm going to give this to my sick friend! Thank-you!

kirsty   05-December-2005 - 11:45:26
very helpful

armando   12-December-2005 - 00:29:57
Very easy to understand,the pictures with the captions "like this" are very well appreciated ,lol.

Chase   16-December-2005 - 20:12:32
Thanxs for the help.

Anonymous   31-December-2005 - 16:32:00
This site is really the worst ever. Step 4 does not make sense for sophicated people. I seriously grade this site 0 stars. I have proper instructions.Make your own origami crane! Begin with a square piece of paper - ideally one side coloured and the other plain. Place the coloured side face up on the table. In all diagrams, the shaded part represents the coloured side. 1. Fold diagonally to form a triangle. Be sure the points line up. Use your thumbnail to make all creases very sharp. Now unfold the paper 2. Now fold the paper diagonally in the opposite direction, forming a new triangle. Unfold the paper and turn it over so the white side is up. The dotted lines in the diagram are creases you have already made. 3. Fold the paper in half to the right to form a tall rectangle. Unfold the paper. 4. Fold the paper in half, bringing the bottom up to the top and form a wide rectangle. Unfold the rectangle, but don't flatten it out. Your paper will have the creases shown by the dotted lines in the figure on the right. 5. Bring all four corners of the paper together, one at a time. This will fold the paper into the flat square shown on the right. This square has an open end where all four corners of the paper come together. It also has two flaps on the right and two flaps on the left. 6. Lift the upper right flap, and fold in the direction of the arrow. Crease along line a-c. 7. Lift the upper left flap and fold in the direction of the arrow. Crease along the line a-b. 8. Lift the paper at point d (in the upper right diagram) and fold down into the triangle b-a-c. Crease along the line bc. Undo the three folds you just made (steps 6, 7, and 8), and your paper will have the crease lines shown on the right. 9. Lift just the top layer of the paper at point a. Think of this as opening a crane’s beak. Open it up and back to line b-c where the beak would hinge. Crease the line bc inside the “beak.” Press on points b and c to reverse the folds along lines a-b and a-c. The trick is to get the paper to lie flat in the long diamond shape shown on the right. At first it will seem impossible but with some patience you will get the hang of it! 10. - 13. Turn the paper over. Repeat Steps 6 to 9 on this side. When you have finished, your paper will look like the diamond below with two "legs" at the bottom. 14. - 15. Taper the diamond at its legs by folding the top layer of each side in the direction of the arrows along lines a-f and a-e so that they meet at the center line. 16. - 17. Flip the paper over. Repeat steps 14 and 15 on this side to complete the tapering of the two legs. 18. The figure on the right has two skinny legs. Lift the right upper flap at point f and fold it over in the direction of the arrow - as if turning the page of a book. This is called a "book fold." Flip the entire piece over. 19. Repeat this "book fold" (step 18) on this side. Be sure to fold over only the upper flap. 20. Now imagine this image is what you would see if you were looking straight down, at the top of a crane’s head. The two points at the top of the picture are the back of the crane’s head, and its pointy beak is at the bottom. Open the upper layer of the beak at point a, and crease it along line g-h so that the tip of the beak touches the back of its head (ouch!) 21. Turn the figure over. Repeat step 20 on this side so that all four points touch. 22. Your paper should look like this image on the right. Next another "book fold." Lift the top layer on the right (at point f), and fold it in the direction of the arrow to the middle. Be sure to crease the fold. 23. Flip the entire figure over. Repeat the "book fold" (step 22) on this side. 24. - 25. There are two points, a and b, below the upper flap. Pull out each one, in the direction of the arrows, as far as the dotted lines. Press down along the base (at points x and y) to make them stay in place. 26. Take the end of one of the points, and bend it down to make the head of the crane. Using your thumbnail, reverse the crease in the head, and pinch it to form the beak. The other point becomes the tail. Open the body by blowing into the hole underneath the crane, and then gently pulling out the wings. Why not use a black and red crayon or marker and give your origami crane the features of a Whooping Crane?

mitzi   07-January-2006 - 00:09:30
These steps were so easy to understand!!!!

kiemsac   21-January-2006 - 12:05:07
My daughter has asked me to make a paper bird for her just by following the instructions printed in her cake bag but i failed to do since it was so difficult. I found this site by google search but i cannot match the text with the related beautiful figures. It is too lengthy, but not informative. I have tried with another site (at www.operationmigration.org/Origami.pdf) that is much more simpler and succeeded with a bit of imagination. Just think about the symmetry only!

bill   30-January-2006 - 13:15:02
easy to follow!!

paige barnes   03-February-2006 - 22:25:08
its too complicated

idk   08-February-2006 - 17:03:05
hard couldn't finish. Pg.5 and 6 couldn't complete.
Didn't work. Should have easier directions, non-blurry pictures, and more detailed directions.

sapphire   11-February-2006 - 14:27:47
your guide was so easy to follow exapect some of the didn`t make sense.

Ashley   16-February-2006 - 22:21:29
My crane is now a crumpled ball in the trash. I really did like this except I got lost around step 12 or so because I didn't know which side to fold.

Catherine   09-March-2006 - 12:06:47
The instructions are fine, just folded eight cranes in the last hour from regular printer paper.
Just a couple of suggestions:
It is really improtant to lay the open end of the folding in the direction instructed and you do need to look closely at the picture to see which side of the form is to be folded. Suggest the following after step 10. Unfold on side of the form you created in steps 7-10 to get what you see in step 11. In step 12 make sure the open sides are facing you, grip the top sheet and fold upward, push the side folds you created steps 7-10 inward, repeat on the other side to get what you see in step 13.
Hope this helps.

charlotte   11-April-2006 - 14:52:53
its not very easy to follow

Anonamous   16-May-2006 - 23:21:24
This person's hands are covering the crane in about 5/6 of the pictures. All he says is "fold that like this..."

chelsey   14-June-2006 - 19:49:45
this is crazy cuz ive tried it for at least an hour but ur site makes absolutely no sense on 17. im very disappointed.

marj   22-June-2006 - 21:44:16
really cool! Awesome. put more stuff

Rissie   02-July-2006 - 07:21:35
Easy to understand with pictures!

TOno   11-July-2006 - 11:31:43
Those were exelent directions

hey   01-August-2006 - 20:12:43
this crane was hard i got to step 18 and you lost me maybe you can be more pacific!!!!

Dani   23-August-2006 - 03:19:18
theres too much instructoins!

matt   05-September-2006 - 12:57:10
the directions were very hard to follow

frrrfdg   24-September-2006 - 14:51:24
step 6 makes me crumple up my paper

...   24-September-2006 - 18:42:39
This is very simple easy to follow no confussion except that you can barely see the pictures.

meghan   27-September-2006 - 20:57:01
i love this site i was able to show my class how to make a paper crane and it was as easy as ichi, ni, san!

Amber   29-September-2006 - 16:58:52
This made the crane Super easy. Thamks!

Paul   30-September-2006 - 14:35:21
I already do some origami and find the method for beginning the "bird base" (described by "Anonymous" on 31 Dec 2005) the simplest. I also prefer a slightly different sequence of folds towards the end - as in Robert Harbin's "Paper Magic". I thought the illustrations were pretty clear on the whole, although for some models I sometimes think the only solution is a video clip.

Alex   01-October-2006 - 14:28:08

boolic   20-October-2006 - 23:55:29
dis is too confusing and i hate it

Anonymous Samoyed   07-November-2006 - 17:47:41
This website is a great website for learning how to make origami and making paper cranes. It is useful for newbies, and for people who just wanna or need to review the steps to making the cranes. I thought that it had exceptional directions that helped lead me through the steps and included pictures with every step along the way. Thanx everyone! (I would definitely recommend visiting this site!) -Great job! To the owners

nicole   24-November-2006 - 17:49:43
on step 5...how do u fold all the corners in to meet..i cant do it and its starting to peev me! plz help

Ashien   07-December-2006 - 11:03:01
People: no one ever said an origami crane was easy. It's not the best to start on. No one said it was hard, either, but it's not going to be a walk in the park. Use your brain to work out what the steps mean. You know, the grey matter in your head that otherwise goes unused?

aleax attanasio   14-December-2006 - 14:43:40
eather make the pictures bigger or make instructions on a type of system like power point or microsoft word

s.b.   22-December-2006 - 16:34:12
This site is very good. Until step 17, I tried and tried and tried and tried... DO NOT GO ON THAT SITE!!

Julie Brady   13-January-2007 - 11:20:05
Very easy instructions!

2-ply   19-January-2007 - 23:38:45
it took me three tries but i finally figured out what i was doing wrong it turned out aawsome though

origami boy   25-January-2007 - 20:54:26
The step were very clear but my teather taught it differently so i got confused and turn the graceful crane to a mess up crane.I like this site but is needs more varite.my siser got mad and ripped it up.peace peeps.

khadija   31-January-2007 - 12:49:36
salut: je suis satisfaite de toutes les realiations -formidables mis je demande aussi avoir un cd qui explique toutes les details

chris   07-February-2007 - 11:26:02
its cool but to buy only 4 steps its just insane

green day   24-February-2007 - 22:20:03
what the freak this is hard

emily   25-February-2007 - 11:41:01
I think this was really hard to make, but the instructions really made it easy to understand

g   04-March-2007 - 16:35:37
instrucktions were easy to follow GREAT SITE!!!!!

...   04-March-2007 - 16:40:05
i luv this site i had no trouble making it

Jesus   08-March-2007 - 21:54:54
it is so awsome

devi   21-April-2007 - 09:17:13
it is so fun to learn origami. i almost made 6 cranes

kerry   30-May-2007 - 16:37:10
This site is ace really easy to understand and if you read the instructions carefully all makes sense made first one within 10 mins and now stuck in my mind cant stop making them made it really easy

bob   11-June-2007 - 22:40:07
man its fun

hayey   22-August-2007 - 20:14:48
this is soo hard to understand.
try a different website. its much better

care bear   07-September-2007 - 22:45:42
this thing is hellahard can u get some new photos that explane it better? if i wernt frekin desprate i woulduv never got it

mememy   14-September-2007 - 01:08:12
toooooo hard. i got stuck on step 3.

natalie   20-September-2007 - 05:41:36
no offence to whoeva made this sight but the steps are real confusing and bad. I tried making it at school as an origami task, and I got into trouble for taking TOO long on making something thats meant to be simple. I was the last one to finish in my class, and the rest of my fellow students chose to do way harder origami than the paper crane. Maybe try making the words clearer and same with the pictures. Maybe even try giving your site a bit more colour! I mean no offence but it looks pretty dull to me. And by giving it more colour everybody might have more attention to this particular site. Just an idea that might help.

Rach   10-October-2007 - 10:25:06
So clear! its the best thing i've found to entertain me between calls at work. THANKYOU!!! rx

Vince Starr   18-November-2007 - 10:34:28
i loved making this crane it was easy for me and i am only 13!

HORRIFIC!   07-December-2007 - 15:40:16
I can't even get past the part where it looks like a kite because when I get to the square YOU CAN'T FOLD IT LIKE THAT!!!! How do you get it like that? HOW??????????? You say your site is easy, but it's not and now I have to bother my teacher again and again until I know the steps by heart because YOUR site can't help me.

anna   16-December-2007 - 08:38:52
the instructions were good until i got to number 17.
then i gave up. the picture was really mis leading on that one but the rest seemed good

peachy   24-April-2008 - 17:31:16
Its pretty easy except step 6 makes no sense what so ever!!!!!!!!!!

Eeshu   05-May-2008 - 21:14:29
I just want to teel you people it might not be interesting
to make a crane, but how would it be like to have paper cranes
mostly about 23% of your room!
It takes practice to memorize and make a paper crane
on the dot wherever yoiu are to show friends or family.

=+ )

sarah   13-June-2008 - 10:59:12
So difficult and very useless information. When explaining origami you cannot just say fold 2 flaps, because there is so bloody many flaps, and your 'helpful' diagrams are not helpful it would be easier without them as yours are RUBBISH. I would rate this site 0/100 if i could!!!! worst origami site i have ever visited.

Remus   07-July-2008 - 04:05:06
very good information. And nice photos too. i can understand very well. my crane turn out great. Thanks.

Remus   07-July-2008 - 04:19:55
It's the best site i ever gone to!!!!! the info u gave is easy to understand!!! i once teach a couple of friends and they get confused afterwards.... i will introduce to them about this awesome site!!! But i think that you should put a video on folding the crane so those novice folders would understand better.

Coco   07-July-2008 - 07:21:31
when i first started i thought it was really hard but when i read this and i made one i really enjoyed it did you know that if you make 100 paper cranes you are given a wish. how cool

pima*5   22-August-2008 - 18:05:37
this sight is so cool! all my friends thought it was cool to do origami.

krista   23-December-2008 - 10:51:54
I had trouble with this. The instructions aren't very clear. It got confusing around step 12.

alex   29-May-2009 - 16:44:47
It is really not clear at all. am completely stuck on 18 / 19. I really want to know haw to do it, but the pictures do not correspond to the text.

alex   29-May-2009 - 17:03:12
I have found a decent site that actually makes sense. it is www.origami-fun.com/origami-crane.html

Julie B   27-September-2009 - 17:07:15
I was looking for something simple for a group of students with special needs to follow. These origami shapes were simple to follow and they managed it with ease. Thanks

jillian   19-February-10 - 20:58:54
this thing is not understandable I DON'T GET IT:(

Slava   26-February-10 - 23:09:21
The crane is super easy!!! Who can't do it!!! It took me 2 mins to do it!!!

u dont need to no my name   26-February-10 - 23:24:35
i only got to step 11! i dont get it.

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