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How To Whistle Loudly - Comments

How To Whistle Loudly - a brief text-based guide to the techniques of whistling with and without using your fingers

Bob Irving   27-March-2004 - 09:01:30
Oh what a fine site! Many can learn from it!

Ryan Wilson   07-May-2005 - 11:53:05
This is a great website, Recommended by all! I was wistling within hours

ass capade   18-August-2006 - 14:57:37
I can't whistle using this method

Murry Chelette   01-May-2007 - 19:49:28
Thanks to this guide, I learned to whistle like that!! (Snapping of fingers)

somebody....   08-October-2007 - 23:07:00
this is very helpful.The website for this is actually http://bluebones.net/whistle/

Lanny   11-July-2008 - 00:14:22
Truly Usefull

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