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La grammaire de l'absurde: Tex's French Grammar - Comments

La grammaire de l'absurde: Tex's French Grammar - an illustrated, sound-enhanced guide to French grammar, covering French adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, determiners, French interrogative constructions, negation, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, French tense, aspect, mood and voice, French verbs and more

julius   22-June-2005 - 13:50:42
this page must have been made by a good teacher!!

Cynthia Osburn   12-July-2005 - 14:57:26
This is an excellent french "learning" web site. It is free, it is funny, it also has audio french as well as the written french. I am a beginning french student and I come back to the site again and again.
They also have quizes and check your answers. This is definitely a 10!

Indrava   18-August-2005 - 01:44:19
This is an amazing site for beginners.It helped me learn the various aspects of French Grammar not only in the formative period but also I was able to move to the intermediate level on my own even when my introductory level course had ended.Cheers for Tex and Tammy!!

erica   15-February-2006 - 20:07:08
very cute with online test

lm   18-March-10 - 23:42:21
Love this site!! Tons of audio and it is hilarious! And very helpful and extensive!

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