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Susie's Watercolor Tips - Comments

Susie's Watercolor Tips - step-by-step photo-enhanced guides to various watercolor painting techniques, covering how to paint dew or water drops in watercolor, footprints in the sand, deciduous trees using a paper towel, sand and beach grasses, heavy snow on evergreens, white trees in the snow, how to paint texture on tree trunks with a credit card, how to test watercolor paints for transparency and staining properties, how to use watermarks to create blooms and more

Monica   24-March-2004 - 16:10:28
As a total beginner this site made me feel I could achieve anything I set out to do. The instructions did not "talk down" to me - rate this one very highly.

jan   12-May-2004 - 13:50:13
Pages don't fully print. Must shrink to 50% to get all the information.

shirley mcmurray   19-November-2004 - 21:23:35
I enjoyed reading the hydrangea lesson. I plan to give this a try.
great site!!!

Norma Riggs   29-January-2005 - 11:54:17
They look grat to me. Have been a china painter for many years and am interested on doing some water color painting. You make it look like I could do it.


Jean Thysse   03-July-2005 - 01:03:54
Thank you for some really wonderful tips.

D. Link   12-July-2005 - 20:59:04
After a somewhat dismal experience in watercolor painting in an art class, finding your easy to understand and very helpful hints on your website have given me a renewed hope that I just might be able to DO this!! Thanks a bunch, Susie!.

Dallas Madsen   30-December-2005 - 22:22:04
Really enjoyed Susies demo's-the written instructions matched the steps perfectly which is something not always found on other demo sites.It's those very basic steps that anyone at the true novice stage, craves to know!Thankyou for your easy to understand explanations & your paintings are delightful!

Matt Corley , Soso ,MS   21-February-2006 - 17:20:10
Great site. It helped me out alot.

Mona Craig   23-February-2006 - 23:02:54
Thanks for all the great techniques and information, Susie

Rebecca Johnson   05-March-2006 - 01:00:35
Your website is fantastic. Beautiful samples with very clear & detailed instructions. I appreciate the watercolor tips. You've given me confidence to try. You are a wonderful instructor. Thank YOU Susie!

Nancy Trump   04-April-2006 - 12:45:17
Very nice "redable" site. Good information, nicely laid out. Thank you.

Janet R   19-April-2006 - 21:23:50
Dear Susie,
Thank you so much for the instructions, on so many subjects. I have been struggling with a technique that I dearly wanted to perfect and had no idea how. I had made a couple of lovely rosebuds and about six absolute losses. I knew what I wanted to achieve, had done it twice but had no idea how I'd managed it. I now have a much better plan, and I realize that being patient between glazings is curtial. I really appreciate your kind guidance. On the road to creativity. Jan

Lynne Briscoe   24-April-2006 - 07:27:57
This site was Terrific and I really enjoyed the information "Susie" shared with us.Things I never would have thought of doing to accomplish certain effects were exciting.Thanks!!!!!!Lynne

larry   30-April-2006 - 21:33:39
very informative wonderfull tips

Cherie   01-June-2006 - 04:23:19
Great site and incredibly easy step by steps.

Well done and thanks

Fran B.   15-September-2006 - 09:13:47
Susie Short gives directions for simple elegant paintings that can be understood by beginners and more experienced artists. While my favorite medium is oils, I am occasionally called to teach a watercolor class and this site is filled with extremely useful illustrations and covers all of the basics for me to pass on to others.

Vickie Lee   05-October-2006 - 04:37:23
I'm just a beginner, but this site feels simple enough I want to try. Thank You

Linda   31-December-2006 - 07:02:15
Love this site. I bought her DVD. It's great. Wish she had more time for new "stuff". Would like to see a lesson on painting sea shells.

Gjk   20-January-2007 - 12:38:39
Good information. Easy to follow and very useful even for an experienced watercolor artist. Thank you.

F. Meyers   22-March-2007 - 13:47:35
This is one of the best sites I've seen. I love it!!

Sangeeta   19-July-2007 - 10:14:47
Hi Susie,

Your's is a very nice site. I am a self taught artist and I have taken a lot of hints and inspiration from this site. It is in the top of my bookmarks on painting tutorials.


Gilly   03-February-2008 - 09:19:06
Thanks so much, have been trying for a long time to watercolour but with not much success hopefully with your easy to follow instructions I will succeed. Am looking forward to some good results. Great site. Gilly P

MarySue   13-March-2008 - 03:00:29
I've returned to Susie's site numerous occasions. She has helped me alot return to an old hobby. She's very generous with her talent and instruction capabilities.

Pura Platti   16-July-2008 - 19:28:47
Very good practical ideas for us beginners - and inspiration for every artist. Thanks.

Bonnie Spellmeyer   06-August-2008 - 00:33:33

Brenda Grimes-Reed   02-October-2008 - 14:31:36
your instructions and designs are wonderful. They are very informative and teach the "small" instructions. I will refer to it very OFTEN.

Thanks so much,

Linda, Texas, USA   02-April-2009 - 11:19:15
Thanks for your step-by-step instructions, particularly flowers.

Larry   03-March-10 - 14:50:47
I love this site! Thanks for making us a video on painting ocean waves in watercolor. I can't wait to get mine and try it. Please do more!

David Clark   14-May-10 - 19:54:55

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