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Barbara Simmons: Watercolor Tips - Comments

Barbara Simmons: Watercolor Tips - an archive of watercolor tips and instruction on artistic principles, covering such topics as color dominance, composition editing, composition with a model, focal area, gradation, guidelines for creating a successful painting, making darks in watercolor, mixing color, negative space, positive shapes, principles & elements of design, semi-neutral or neutral colors, the design principle dominance, the light source, the tetrad, the third tetrad, warm/cool relationships, working with a large pallette selection, working with photo references and more

Suz   12-February-2004 - 07:56:56
Am so new to this was so impressed could understand some of the things shown, being new to any art instruction usually feel lost when I try to learn and shut down in dispair didn't happen but will have to return as there is so much to learn but will return soon thanks

Kori Schuetze   11-July-2004 - 14:09:28
I've used pencil to capture likeness in portraits, and have had happy accidents with watercolor. Learning to paint is a real challenge, as Im safer with a pencil in hand. With five boys I have to make the best use of both time, and supplies and have several good intuitive books to help. Nothing however helps me to overcome the fear of wasting supplies, of putting paint on paper, of learning good mixes, and the amount of water to use, or the wet or dry of paper issue. Karen Simmons tips has helped me to get past these fears into the creative process of painting. Most tips dont help to overcome the enormous fear of waste,of both money and time. After a long search, I am so grateful.

Grace Chao   11-August-2004 - 23:52:45
Great tips and great teacher. Thanks.

rola wong   09-September-2004 - 07:23:42

carole fenwick   24-April-2005 - 08:39:08
thank you very much for the information on "greens",the best I have seen. Iam trying to teach myself from books

Sharon   04-June-2005 - 08:17:45
Very educational! As a beginner I can't wait to get started. Thank you for a wonderful explanation of color and composition values.

Jenny   08-August-2005 - 10:21:51
Excellent source of information.

Ashok bhagwat   23-August-2005 - 08:45:02
The guidance is excellent.Tips are very well explained. Looking forward to more tips.

Steve Ponsford   25-August-2005 - 16:41:11
Some great tips here. I particularly liked your tips for balancing the hot and cold colours. The examples that go with each lesson are a real inspiration. Thanks very much.

Hilda   16-October-2005 - 18:40:05
What a wonderful web site! It has been so helpful to me, and i thoroughly enjoyed all the tips. Have to try and remember them all when i am painting.
Thank you!

hrwhjoijoijwoi   31-October-2005 - 14:28:25
veally,veally gud

Rosemary Taylor   11-November-2005 - 12:37:52
Inspirational - which was what I was looking for.

renee grimes   27-December-2005 - 22:46:30
I really enjoyed looking at Barbara's watercolor flowers. I love flowers and enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading about how she achieves her special effects. She does a great job. I added this to my Favorite Sites.

Rachelle   29-December-2005 - 08:09:12
I was researching various watercolour techniques to create a file for my university file for BEd Art and I found this site very useful. Thanks.

Lisa Collins   29-December-2005 - 23:28:52
I have just received my first art kit, including watercolors. I am a late starter at 30. Your tips are awe- inspiring. You are an excellent artist. Thank you for your help!

anu padayachi   16-January-2006 - 15:35:46
I am a very late starter. Barbara is an excptionally good teacher. The site is wonderful and inspiring. Thankyou.

kathy   26-August-2006 - 12:21:28
Best site I've come across. I am gathering ideas to help form a true beginners class. Your ideas will help me disign my own ideas and improve my own artwork. Thank you.


Baggy   24-September-2006 - 11:29:37
Thank you for your lessons on trees. I enjoy natural landscapes and aspire towards painting in the field. but, separating vaues and lines of trees as difficult. Your site has provided me with better understanding of where I should go.

Arja   19-January-2007 - 10:47:42

adele Deprez   15-February-2007 - 17:05:00
Great for the beginner. Inspiring and generous with the tricky theorie of watercolor.

Carol Lane   28-April-2007 - 05:30:02
I find your site very helpful. I have just started watercolour painting so your past and present tip are great. Thanking you, C Lane, Australia.

sandeep gogate   18-August-2007 - 04:52:26
The tips & guidance which has given is vary valuable.
The documents adreeses the real problems for the biggener.
extremely helpfull

Thank You

Em Ringer   22-October-2007 - 13:57:08
Loved the tips - all clearly illustrated and well thought out!

Buzz Lee   26-October-2007 - 13:03:23
this was a brilliant painting tutor.so many experiment and explaination and techniques.

Sandra McDougall   03-January-2008 - 02:43:49
As a visual learner, I appreciate the demo's more than the tips. These step-by-step demo's are great.

MarySue   13-March-2008 - 02:57:25
Barbara fully shares her talents and techniques. Simple to understand and really helps you understand values of watercolor. I was impressed someone with her talent would share so much for free!

gray   06-April-2008 - 15:06:00
I've book marked this site for future reference to keep leaning from

pauline gee   23-April-2008 - 02:58:14
this is one of the most informative sites i have been on also the easiest for me to understand. it as been a pleasure to visit and i will continue to do so you must be very proud of your acievements.i will continue to work hard with my own artwork towards a goal of being as adept as you are one day. thank you for sharing your expertise Pauline

Dave G   07-May-2008 - 13:45:19
Very informative. Great teaching style. Lots of useful information.

yohanestoro   20-January-2009 - 08:08:41
Hello! Your tips are great!!! Nothing is truer than that...!

Thank you very much! God bless you and the ones you love...!

Rae Partridge   13-February-10 - 16:44:01
Thank you for not sharing my e-mail address with others. I spent a lot of time on your site and your work is very magical, soft and dreamy. Places I'd like to visit at the time you painted them. I also went through all of your tips and they were well written and understandable. Some places I've visited left much to be desired. Too bad I don't attend workshops any longer, I well might have taken one with you. Thank you for putting your wonderful artwork out for all to view and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Ian of Oz   08-June-10 - 00:31:59
Barbara you are a real blessing to many including this "little black duck" returning to watercolour 50 years after high school! Your tutorials are first class. May God richly bless you and yours.

UNIS   25-August-10 - 11:47:29
respected barbara,
it is heartening to see that you have been so liberal in sharing your rich and varied experience through dozens of 'watercolor tips' posted by you. you certainly might be a good person.
i;ve recently started watercolor painting. your tips shall certainly help me a lot.
with utmost regards,

Torn   16-August-11 - 02:17:03
There's a srecet about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

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