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Color Mixing - Comments

Color Mixing - multimedia-enhanced guides to color theory, color mixing and related topics, with istruction on the two systems of color mixing, the human eye and the color spectrum, the additive color system, the subtractive color system, color photography, color in painting and art, lithography and more

Kate   07-November-2004 - 11:36:40
I thought this article was very interesting. I am painting a mural as my graduation project for school, and I learned a lot about painting, and color mixing.

Neha Goydani   11-August-2006 - 04:06:44
I want to nknow about from where colors come.

Carol Epperson   05-September-2006 - 16:48:44
You referred to the brightness of a color as being the value. That is not
true. Value refers to the lightness/darkness of a color. Intensity (also
referred to as chroma or as you put it "saturation") refers to the
brightness/dullness of a color. For instance, value is like the difference, for example, between white and grey, etc. Intensity is like
the difference between Cad. Red and Terra Rosa.

deen   26-July-2009 - 01:30:40
Made easy for learn color mixing.

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