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alt.support.shyness FAQ - Comments

alt.support.shyness FAQ - answers to frequently-asked questions about shyness and how to overcome it compiled from the Usenet newsgroup, alt.support.shyness, addressing such topics as what shyness is, what is wrong with shyness, how to tell if you are shy, alcohol and shyness, assertiveness, how best to handle criticism, how to attract the opposite sex, how to become a better conversationalist, how to keep your children from becoming shy, how to make friends, how to work with people you don't like, hypnosis and shyness, medications used in treating shyness, NLP, overcoming shyness, shyness and dating, shyness and visualization?, the difference between shyness and introversion and more

Agaba.I.K   22-December-2004 - 04:06:33
I do appreciate your work. Send me some tips

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