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Mark Baxter Vocal Studios: Free Lessons - Comments

Mark Baxter Vocal Studios: Free Lessons - text-based instructional articles on singing and vocal development, covering such topics as achieving maximum vocal range, how to properly water the voice, power breathing, singing with a cold, tips to manage stage fright, vibrato, vocal anatomy, vocal confidence, vocal warm-ups and more

Jo Woodnutt   16-March-2006 - 16:58:40
This is a great help- thank you! I have spent lots of time looking for a site like this with free tips on singing. I cant afford a tutor, but am in a few choirs, and this site raised my confidence greatly! I can't wait to try out some performance techniques in my upcoming competitions! Thanks so much!

marlon   20-October-2008 - 09:08:42
how about in high notes how can maintain it??
sometimes my voice getting scratch or like a voice of Brian Adams like a drunk Voice!!

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