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Speak Danish - Comments

Speak Danish - sound-enhanced online Danish lessons for beginners, with instruction on Danish grammar, Danish pronunciation, useful Danish phrases and more

amber   25-June-2004 - 05:39:22
it is a very good sight for the learnes of danish language.

vanis   15-July-2004 - 23:41:02
The best free language course on the web.

john   01-August-2004 - 09:44:14
As a newcomer to this nation, this site is a blessing to me. Tak to all those who have made this possible and free of charge!. God blees you all.

Joćo   02-August-2004 - 19:33:35
I have searched several sites on the Internet about Danish learning, but www.speakdanish.dk is definately the best one. Stop looking for other methods and spending money!!! This site really works and (the best part) IT IS 100% FREE !!!!!

Ryan Baker   30-January-2006 - 01:08:48
I took a quick look -- not sure what dialect of Danish this is, but it's
not the one I learned in Copenhagen. <shrug> Looks good, though.

Brenda   23-January-2007 - 12:36:25
Excellent online course. I did so well with the free online lessons, I upgraded to the paid version (which is amazingly well-structured for its nominal price). Before finding these lessons, I'd purchased four other Danish-language programs. Try this one first; it's the only one you'll need.

Mike   24-October-2007 - 22:19:09
The site isn't free anymore, but it is better than anything else I've seen online, and I've been searching for ages!! It has over 1000 sound links that make you hear Danish pronunciation instantly. I highly recommend it.

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