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Learn to Knit - Comments

Learn to Knit - basic illustrated steps from Vogue

kathe   09-October-2002 - 19:53:37
Thank you so much for the illustrations. They really helped. I, out of the blue, decided to take up knitting after 25 years. I went to Walmart bought needles and yarn and went home and started. I remembered how to cast on, and how to knit like it was yesterday, but I couldn't remember, for the life of me, how to cast off. I have searched and search the internet for just simple instructions and everyone had written instructions for very fancy stitches and designs, but no basics. And you had basics and pictures!!! Just great for new beginners like me. Thanks!

Roberta Fornarol   01-March-2003 - 19:54:17
Would have liked to see knitting with circulars. When and Where you attach.

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